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computer accessories shopping online in BD: As we live in a digital world, almost all our regular activities are being controlled by computers in this way or that. And for smooth completion of our computing, we frequently need various types of computer accessories. But it is really a tough job to get your desired computer accessories at hand just at the right time.

No more hassle ! We are here for you ! Experience the best online shopping in Bangladesh & find the latest collection of computer accessories in Bangladesh on We arrange everything for your desktop & laptop-from mouse to processor, pen drive to hard disk. 

A spectacular collection of computer accessories on AjkerDeal includes mouse, key-board, monitor, speakers & microphonesheadphones, projector, antivirus & software, pen drive, multi-plug & hubweb cam, TV card & stick, cable & converterprinterscanner etc. You also find network accessories i.e., modem, router & switch and other network accessories. For CPU, there are hard disk & RAM, optical drive, casing & cooling accessories. A number of laptop accessories are also arranged on this section that include laptop bags, key-boards, coolers & portable laptop table, USB light, cleaning kits, battery, charger & adapter, security lock etc. For gamers, we got a good number of gaming accessories, too. Check out monitor price in BD to get the best deals on monitor price at AjkerDeal.

Branded Wireless Mouse Collection:

We have a great number of wireless mouse on our Site; there are different types of mouse including wired mouse, wireless mouse, gaming mouse, touch pen mouse, remote mouse & toy-shaped mouse. Check out the amazing price of our wired & wireless mouse collection & get your desired one through a couple of clicks online in BD. You will also get nice mouse pads on this section.

Most Convenient Blue-tooth Key-boards:

We got a number of branded & efficient key-boards at best price in BD on our Site; here, you can get both wired & wireless key-boards; we also have flexible key-board & virtual keyboard those are really effective; if you are a gamer, we got top quality gaming key-boards for you. There are ultra-mini travel key-boards those allow you to work in a little space.

Pen drive: We have a huge quantity of best quality pen drives on our Site; they are branded, efficient & stylish. We also accommodate a number of OTG pen drives.


Headphone is the most common used gadget that almost all of us use in our day to day life. In the era of digital world headphones are the most used product. We love music; we love to listen music all the time using the headphones. There are different types of headphones; such as In-Ear headphone, On-Ear headphone, Over-Ear headphone, noise cancelling headphone, Bluetooth headphone, wireless headphone and so on.

When buying a headphone first and foremost question is what is the budget? The more you can budget for your headphone there is chance opening up getting more quality product with better finish. In-ear Bluetooth headphones are a great pick for sports for outside training. Over-ear and on-ear styles are the most popular for day-to-day usage. Battery life is another consideration for Bluetooth headsets; as they normally last long 20 hours or so. It is a major issue to think while choosing a Bluetooth headphone. Wireless headphones are also great choice. But now a day we are finding headphones with both wired as well as wireless. So we don’t need to worry about the battery charge. Ajkerdeal offers a great collection of headphones; where you can find your desired headphones quite easily. We have top class branded headphones along with price parameter ; which is a great tool to find out your headphone according to your budget.

Check out the best computer headphone price in Bangladesh!

Effective Single-user & Multiple-user Anti-virus & Internet security:

Anti-virus & internet security are very essential accessoryies for a PC or laptop; you will find the best quality branded anti-virus & internet security on There are anti-virus & internet security for 1 user, 2 users & 3 users; so, just pick what you need.

Hugh Quality Laptop Bags & other Accessories:

We also have all types of laptop accessories on this section; there are fashionable laptop bags, portable laptop table, laptop cleaning kit, battery, charger & adapter, USB light & security lock. Get the best laptop accessories in Bangladesh at the most reasonable price from our Site.

For uninterrupted power supply to your computer, here, you will find top quality UPS. Grab a UPS with good capasity back-up to fight the summer days. Check out UPS price in Bangladesh.

We provide branded & long-lasting accessories to our customers. Among all brands on this section, most remarkable ones are Apple, Dell, A4Tech, Genius, Logitech, Havit, Remax, Twinmos, Xiaomi, Transcend, Thermaltake, HP, Microlab, Bose, Adata, Beats, Cosonic, Xtreme, LG, Sony, Kaspersky, eset, McAfee, eScan etc.

Buy computer monitor online in Bangladesh at the cheapest price at to select from the widest collection of computer monitor.

Also, you can find the latest wifi router price in BD here!

So, is the perfect place for technology lovers, where, you can rely with dependence for computer accessories shopping online in BD. Just a single click and grab the world’s best computer and computer-related accessories at your door step. Also, you can also check out the best deals on laptop price in bangladesh.

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